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Words thrown about

Then I wanna write,
Them words I see,
Through clouds and mist,
Unclear as a glimpse,
Those starry nights,
Long gone

I seek a pen,
Only to find none,
Alas I find out,
They are no more,
For slates have reborn,
Powered by cells,
Wiping aside this breed,
This immortal sect

Spellbound once again,
Trying to put together,
Jigsaw pieces in haste,
Ending up with total waste,
Where have you gone,
Leaving behind,
Just a shell,
Thoughtless and numb

Words I throw,
Hither n tither,
Hoping they’ll fall together,
Produce a masterpiece,
That’ll leave ya astound,
Longing for miracles more,
That forever be undelivered