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Moon : A haiku



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Have you ever wished to do,

Something for others,

Have you had this kind thought,

I wish I could help him,

But you never do it,

Instead you wish someone else do it for you?

Hypocrite, hypocrite,

What a big hypocrite you are


You see the aged standing in buses,

Knowing that you should let them sit instead of you,

But deep down inside you are confused,

Whether to loose your seat or be kind,

And then you wish deeply from your heart,

That someone else gives em a seat,

Cursing and dissing them if nobody does,

Hypocrite, hypocrite,

What a big hypocrite you are


You see a blind man walk by,

You wish you could help,

But you never do,

You’d think maybe if he was going the same way,

Maybe I would’ve helped him,

Not like you’ll go out of your way,

To help someone when you don’t have time for it,

And as always hope,

Hope someone else helps him get there,

Hypocrite, hypocrite,

What a big hypocrite you are.

Just like you

I was born a baby,
Full of little pranks,
Doing random stuff,
To be the star on spotlight,
Just like you

When I grew up,
I was sent to pre-school,
Teachers taught me something,
From alphabets to numbers,
Just like you

Further down the lane,
I was still the boy,
Running through the corridors,
Hopping over benches,
Slinging little pebbles,
Just like you

Then came the big break,
And I got shifted,
All the ties broken,
In an alien environment,
I was left begging,
To end this hostility

Years kept on rolling,
Time flew by,
I had lost some senses,
But I accustomized,
For I just adapted,
To my surroundings,
Just like you

People who would see me,
Would never recognize me,
But that never bothered me,
Cause neither did I,
Somewhere along the shady path,
I lost my sociability

I’ll never get to know,
How I would’ve turned out,
If things weren’t this rough

I ain’t blaming you,
Neither any of you,
For how I turned out,
There’s either me to blame,
Or dump it all on fate,
Just like you

Fast forward to life now,
Skipping some important bits,
I find myself,
Somewhere in between phases,
The lost and the loosing self

I could be happy,
I could be sad,
I could look around,
See a better life,
Or a more complex one,
Just like you

The choice is always yours,
Do what you want to,
If it goes smooth,
All be well,
If it doesn’t go well,
I’ll just blame fate,
Just like you.

Growing old


How do I begin,
Where do I begin,
The influx of thoughts,
Mix every little feeling

There is no truth,
There is no lie,
Whatever you feel,
Is just a dream

How old you’re,
How young you’re,
Somethings won’t change,
Whatever you do,
Over of them being,
Time never waits,
Whoever you are

You were a kid once,
Maybe you’ve grown,
You’d wish to think,
That age makes you old,
It’s just a number,
Fancied with name,
Anniversaries and birthdays,
To just name a few

You’re a child,
And that you’ll forever be,
At least in sense,
Parents choose to view

Are we so stupid,
Are we so clumsy,
Why do we fear,
To just be ourself

Why can’t you just show your true self,
Are you ashamed,
That people might mock,
Or is it just that,
You’d rather fit in,
Trying to cope,
With whatever thrown at your face

Whatever I write,
Still doesn’t come close,
To whatever I wrote,
Being so much so young,
That I wish to think

Have I grown old,
Or have I grown young,
Time chooses old,
But I bet it’s wrong,
Cause I’m not as wise,
To be considered that old

Age is a number,
That comes with responsibility,
But I don’t think I’ve changed,
Either in looks or in my judgement

Waiting For So Long


I was waiting for so long,
Waiting for a miracle to happen,
Everyone told me to stay strong,
Without trying to hold on,
Through the darkness and good times,
I knew I’d make it through,
And the world thought I’d quit halfway,
But I was still waiting for you

I saw light in the sky,
That urged me to wait on,
It was so blinding,
That I couldn’t see through

I could wait for so long,
With nothing ever happening,
Everyone told me to stay strong,
Without lending me a shoulder,
I can startle the angels,
That look down with envy,
I can’t belive that,
I’ve found an angel

Let the rain pour down,
And cleanse away my tears,
Let the wind blow through,
And take away my feelings

Let a new day come down,
And take over my life,
Let the angel come close by,
And go through my feelings,
A new day has come,
Urging me to move on,
But I was waiting for so long,
That I’d never let go right now