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Have you ever wished to do,

Something for others,

Have you had this kind thought,

I wish I could help him,

But you never do it,

Instead you wish someone else do it for you?

Hypocrite, hypocrite,

What a big hypocrite you are


You see the aged standing in buses,

Knowing that you should let them sit instead of you,

But deep down inside you are confused,

Whether to loose your seat or be kind,

And then you wish deeply from your heart,

That someone else gives em a seat,

Cursing and dissing them if nobody does,

Hypocrite, hypocrite,

What a big hypocrite you are


You see a blind man walk by,

You wish you could help,

But you never do,

You’d think maybe if he was going the same way,

Maybe I would’ve helped him,

Not like you’ll go out of your way,

To help someone when you don’t have time for it,

And as always hope,

Hope someone else helps him get there,

Hypocrite, hypocrite,

What a big hypocrite you are.


Love Story

Boy meets girl,
Starts flirting right away,
Girl sees hope,
Responds in same way,
But neither thought,
She would fall in love

The boy and girl,
Are so in love right now,
Time had passed,
They still held the love,
Enter a boy and girl,
Into this fray

Now boy doubts girl,
So does the girl,
Where’s this love,
That glued em till then,
Where’s this trust,
That should’ve existed

But boy doubts girl,
For he wasn’t innocent,
The girl doubts too,
Cause she was just the same,
What they did,
Was just for their own fun

Both failed to realise,
They loved each other,
After all they’ve been through,
They still failed to see,
The most important part,
That love outweighs,
All their flaws

All the pain,
Have split them apart,
Both unwilling to take,
Just one more chance,
For they know,
Another let down,
Will leave em,
Broken hearted for life.



I try to speak,
The words in my mind,
I try to express,
The feelings deep within

The sun goes down,
And the curtains fall,
Bringing to an end,
Another fruitless day

I still crave to speak,
To those beloved,
But I hold back,
Fearing despair

Who am I now,
What did I want to say,
Was a deed of the past,
That was left undone

Who knows me now,
And will stay on,
Is left unsaid,
For time to unfold

The pain of missing out,
On an unfulfilled desire,
Shall be avoided again,
By setting an unachievable target

The goal was to speak out,
To lend a hand,
To ones in need,
But I lost myself halfway through

Where am I now,
On a path unraveled,
Moving on ahead,
With no sense of direction

I need to find you,
The trails of the loose ends,
Left by broken strings,
To find again,thy mind


Then you wanna talk,
N then you don’t wanna talk,
Life’s taken a turn,
You never wanted to,
But somehow knew it would,
You’re left in tatters,
Sulking all alone in gloom,
For you’re alone now,
Even though you’re not,
Life has a meaning,
Left for you to define,
But all you do,
Is seek to find,
The meaning of life,
That never existed

Who are you now,
That you care not,
What do you want now,
That you understand not,
Yet you trail this path unbound,
Hoping to unravel,
The secret of life,
What can you find,
What do you expect,
Life ain’t no sin,
But its filled with them all,
Happiness is none but,
A break from em all,
You live your life,
Not on your own,
But you took your life,
And will leave your life,
All on your own

2012 : The End

Its unusual of me to be at home on a weekday, like all other workers, plus all the more because I rarely get holidays even while other companies give holidays to their employees. I woke up late and like usual started reading the news, from the last page, cause I usually just check out the sports pages. Since I had nothing else to do at that time, I thought I’ll just go through the other pages too, to check if there was something worth noticing. Well when I reached page 9, I was shocked, half of the page was filled with rape stories and reports. The Delhi rape incident was the beginning of the end it seems, people may have sighed in relief that the world as we know it didn’t end in 2012 as the Mayans predicted, but for me its begun to end, at least in the Indian context. With the advent of the Delhi gangrape , rape has spread out all across the country like wildfire. Adding fuel to the already blazing fire is the knowledge that the criminals aren’t even being punished for their crimes, which gives the criminals-to-be an added security that they can commit and get away with it just fine.

Too many rape cases reported every single day, the worst of the lot was one of a minor in Kerala, and then I used to think at least over here nothing of that sort happens, and then came the bouncer that went over my head. So who is safe anyway? Who is safe anywhere? I don’t know anymore. The country in going to the sewers or something like that. Not good by all means. The situation just keeps getting worser and worser.

And yeah , there no lack of protests for all these. One of those posts on Facebook showed it best, coupled with the victims friends words. People don’t give a damn about anyone except themselves. They’ll just watch you suffer thinking it ain’t their business not realising that they too could be in the same situation and none would come to their rescue either. First you ignore the ones in need, and the next day you raise banners showing your support to the victims or the dead, how is that gonna help anyone? You had the chance to help someone in distress, you chose to ignore them for you were far too self-conscious , and then you show some public support for them by lighting candles and joining protests? How hypocritical could you get? Even we the bloggers can keep blaming the people who didn’t bother to help them, and wonder how they could be so cruel as to ignore people in need, ask yourself this,would you have helped them? I doubt. I can speak for myself anyway, and I know I’ll faint when I see blood or get the smell of it, so would I dare put myself to help them? I don’t even know whats right in such a situation, if I could act and cause a stir in someone to act then I would, rather than magnify the mess by succumbing to the situation and fainting and seeking attention for myself than the rightly needful ones. How good can you be? Reflect upon yourselves, for I just got thoughts to relay out to you, so that you think before you pen down, what you believe you’ll do and what you’ll actually do, for not many actually put their words or claims into action. Shameful as it may be, but seeking attention is all that people have been good at, and those of whom have got it, very few use it for the sake of good, the rest misuse all the fame for their own rise and pleasures.

I just got a simple question, you can have two houses if one was too small and if you are building another for the future generation, but what good does it do to have more than that and that too bungalows in a world where there are people out there who don’t even have a house? Take a look at Mumbai , one side you see huge sky scraping flats and on the other you see ground hugging slums. The rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer. The cost of living is going higher by the day and I wouldn’t tell you to give your all to the poor, but then again you could give the useless stuff away to them than burning them away and throwing into the dustbin or waste bins if they are still in decent condition. For me all my stuff are important and I try to look after them as precious or even more than my own life, be it a T-shirt or a toy. I know I’ve drifted away from what I wanted to say, which even forced me to change the title of this post.

Coming back to the main topic, why is rape the trending crime? Why are more and more people getting involved in it? Murder gives you death penalty , and rape doesn’t , makes them think that I haven’t killed anyone so why should I be given a death penalty? Is that it? I would rather let the girl or victim die after this than let her live through hell after what has happened to her, how could she live a normal life after what has happened to her? Who would be so kind enough to accept her now? Would you accept her? The only thing we the spectators can do is brag, brag and brag more till it hits us in the face when we’ll be speechless too, and do the same darn thing which we bragged we wouldn’t. Open your eyes people, you ain’t as good as you think you are. Your spirits are as weak as it were before this happened and you were just shining like a moon with the light of the sun.

I don’t expect too many people to read this, or even half of this, cause I know you’d not wanna admit the cursed reality about who you really are. I can even link up with the human behaviour of late with the animal kingdom, taking into example my little kittens, two were killed by their own kinsfolk, and I mean other male cats itself, just cause they cling to their mother almost all the time. To get the lady all obstacles have been thrown apart it seems, what is happening with the unfortunate friends who accompany those poor lady souls wandering in the dark of the night. This my dear is the bitter truth. I always had wished the world had ended in 2012 ever since I had heard about it, that was due to my own personal reasons. But now seeing the state India as a country is in right now, I really wish it did, for it would’ve been far better than living in a shameless country led by shameless leaders who can do nothing but make excuses to justify the criminals for their crimes.

I’ve seen and known good people, those who really act to their will and power and do all the good stuff they can. I respect them for what they have done, for I could never have done the same or anything even close to their noble deeds, be it to humans or to animals for all of us have equal rights to this world. Hey there you random nice soul, you are one in a million out there who would do something good for this world, and I do hope someone like you could be elected representative of the people, for the people and by the people.

Everything starts from home, they say, so never neglect your own home before you do something for the others. That doesn’t mean you gotta be selfish and worry only about yourselves, try to do your own bit in improving the society if you can. At time even I doubt if I am really who I am, or what I pen down actually makes any sense at all, but penning down is all I can for these thoughts travel at the speed of will and disappear in the blink of an eye. I leave it upto you to decide who you are and what you can do for the society, with all due respect, you too are an animal, born with a little bit more sense than the rest.



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Creativity in a Line

Well don’t know what else to title this random post. Usually don’t make such posts on this blog , but since it’s pretty much different from what I post on my other blog now a days I thought I will just post this over here. Some lines that I think up by myself for my page and post around in Facebook. This idea of creating this blog post was only mainly due to one line that is so darn true and I expect people to accept it and share it, but well I just want to cherish the memory that I created it now, maybe someone somewhere may already have told it, but it came in my mind out of nowhere when I was randomly thinking stuff. So this post is set apart for one liners that I post around. Hope you like it.

This is the special line that made me create this post :
” ♥ The moment you BFF becomes your BF , forever is lost literally ♥ ”

How many of you agree with that? Ain’t that what generally happens to all of us?

I have always wanted my best friend to be my love but unfortunately it never will happen. A proposal spoils the relation , seen it happen quite a lot of times. Once you are proposed, you have only two choices , accept or reject, sooner or late. Both will kill the relation , what it used to be. Atleast thats how I experienced it. Once they used to be so close , but now they are like nothing, in fact , the truth is that they treat you like nothing. Don’t wanna write more about that here anyway. Now let me find some more one liners to post over here and will either try to keep this updated or create a new one later.

♥ Now I’ll just pretend I don’t care , since you don’t care anyway ♥

♥ The day i realize that I have to move on , you no longer will have a place in my life ♥

♥ the thoughts of what we have lost haunt us for the rest of our lives, especially the ones who cared ♥

♥ You din’t mind when I was with you, why would you when I’m totally gone ♥

♥ its sad when you fail to realize there was someone who was all yours , but you let go , searching for the same person ♥

♥ loneliness was never “being alone without friends” , its feeling completely lonely and unable to express yourself even when you are surrounded by a lot of people you know ♥