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Love Story

Boy meets girl,
Starts flirting right away,
Girl sees hope,
Responds in same way,
But neither thought,
She would fall in love

The boy and girl,
Are so in love right now,
Time had passed,
They still held the love,
Enter a boy and girl,
Into this fray

Now boy doubts girl,
So does the girl,
Where’s this love,
That glued em till then,
Where’s this trust,
That should’ve existed

But boy doubts girl,
For he wasn’t innocent,
The girl doubts too,
Cause she was just the same,
What they did,
Was just for their own fun

Both failed to realise,
They loved each other,
After all they’ve been through,
They still failed to see,
The most important part,
That love outweighs,
All their flaws

All the pain,
Have split them apart,
Both unwilling to take,
Just one more chance,
For they know,
Another let down,
Will leave em,
Broken hearted for life.


Oh Heart


A poem is what I set out to write,
But the words ain’t coming out so right,
And I sit down to think,
What I should now pen,
Hey what’s weighing you heart,
That burdens you so hard,
Please do take your time,
To share it with me

Why, do you cry out so loud,
Yet still go unheard,
Why, can’t you see what’s right,
And just point to it,
But you disown me then,
Leaving me jinxed

Oh heart, why do you fall,
In this pit known as love,
Though you know that,
There’s no coming back,
Oh heart, what do I do,
When someone waits,
Just for your love,
That you can never give