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A friend by your side

Was it just yesterday,
That you saw somebody,
Bringing out the spirits in em,
Reacting to a gleam of light,
Who was it that you saw,
The face left unclear,
Were it a saviour,
Or just another so called friend

When was the last time,
That you could cry out loud,
When is it possible,
To cry it all out,
With no barriers,
Nor no questions,
That would force you stop,
Spilling blood halfway through

So who do you think you are,
Coming out holding hands,
Pretending to walk by side,
Promising to let em lean,
Wiping off all your tears,
When you were falling down

So who do you think you are,
Leaving you all alone,
Clutching your feelings tight,
Never leaking out again,
To anyone around you,
Leaving so scent of pain,
That anyone could sniff right out

Though you are still breathing,
Why does it feel like you’re not alive,
Moving no step ahead,
Falling into despair,
Being who you are not,
Hugging yourself in the dark,
Walking on the empty track,
Nobody smiles or waves,
Nobody sees you walk

Look at how time flew,
The digit of the year starts with two,
How long has it been,
That you’ve had a friend by your side,
To truly be yourself,
To cry out your soul,
With no fear looming within,
That you will not be let go off,
Leaving you all alone,
Taking you where you belong.


Man’s Best Friend

Man's Best Friend

A foreigner playing with a stray pup.