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He was waking down the path,
Heading nowhere in the dark,
Just moving forward in circles,
In this pitch black world,
Where he was left behind,
Misled by someone promising,
To take him to heaven

There was a boy,
Who wasn’t particularly good,
At anything in the world,
He was a kid by nature,
Chasing the wonders of the world,
And what could be more amazing,
Than the phenomenon called love

He set up his goal,
And that the quest to find love,
He had no clue then,
To what lay in his path,
Nor could be tackle them,
And get past them scratchless

Then he found the one,
The one meant to be his,
When the magic of the words,
He had been longing to hear,
Reached out to him open armed,
He grabbed on in a hurry,
He was lost in dreams,
The ones he’d never dreamed,
Would ever come true,
But now he was there

She promised that,
She’ll never leave him,
No matter what forces,
Were thrown to split them,
The faith was put on her words,
As she led him on this path,
This truly beautiful path,
That even heaven shall be rivaled,
Happiness was all around

But as all stories go,
Nothing ever lasts too long,
Not happiness of all things,
The balance had to be kept in check,
And so it happened out of the blue,
The promises were broken,
Without a moments hesitation,
She chose to set out,
On new adventures of the world,
Leaving him behind,
In his hallucinated heaven,
The images were fading fast,
The colors of life were vanishing,
The dark of the black was creeping in,
Eating up the images of heaven

His world was collapsing,
He didn’t know what happened,
He couldn’t even see,
The world around him crumbling,
He was too broken to feel anything,
Benumbed by this pain inside,
Dying along with the world of his,
His eternal dream had now come,
To its fateful end