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I start typing,
Thinking it’ll go big,
With visions on future,
Supported by baseless assumptions,
Not a day goes by,
Where I forget to dream,
Of the things unthinkable,
And probably the ones impossible

But hey, who cares about that,
If you don’t dream,
You won’t even try,
And you’ll be just a bot ,
Following the protocol,
Doing things you don’t want to,
Just for a living,
That’s not actually living,
But barely just surviving

Then there are people,
Who might wish for your best,
But it seems otherwise,
For they just stand in your way,
The path to your glory,
Or another failure

The stakes have been raised,
For time has flown by,
You couldn’t make it,
For lack of conviction,
Or reasons unknown,
But what does it reflect,
A bird with no wings,
Not cause its absent,
But just they’re useless,
The bird can’t take the leap,
As faith has left it,
Dreamless and hopeless


My Bestie


What’s a bestie to you?
What’s a friend to you?
What’s a person to you?

At times I’ve no answer,
At times I’m all alone,
At times I feel,
It’s me against the world

When you’re lost and your scared,
What do you do,
Who do you talk to?

When you know the truth,
When you can’t trust anyone,
When people let you down

There’s no such thing as perfect,
It’s nothing more than a myth,
Unless you live in an ideal world,
Don’t expect perfection

The closest you get,
Is a bestie,
Won’t be perfect,
Neither should you expect,
Cause we are all humans,
Purely advanced monkeys,
Doing random stuff,
Sometimes by will,
Sometimes by intuition

If you’ve one,
Ain’t you lucky already,
To have someone,
Who knows the weirdo in you,
Who accepts you,
Just the way you’re,
No matter how dumb,
No matter how silly,
To share the best of you,
N the worst of you

The one person you’ll probably,
Not want to lose at all costs,
Though it changes from person to person,
But at least it’ll be for some

This is for my bestie,
My love,
My everything,
My very own dum teddy,
One little shining light,
In this eternal darkness,
Giving a lil ray of hope,
A reason to just see it out,
At least till happiness for em

The Climb


As the day goes by,
The weight goes high,
The limits are set above,
The bar raised up,
Every little fall,
To harden the climb

You set out strong,
Even though you so meek,
The confidence inside,
Brimming so bright,
Enough to lift you up,
Even with free flow

Then you slip,
Take a misstep,
Fall down eternal,
Drown in the pit,
Devoid of spirit,
Deprived of hope

You miss the light,
And you’ll never make it,
You catch a glimpse,
It fills you again,
Enough to thrust up,
Reach the surface

Time to climb again,
Time to force through,
It’s your one true path,
Only you can cross it,
Fall again or not,
That’s where it lies,
Your final destination.


Lost the skills,
Lost the edge,
Been so weak,
Been so meek,
Your life is going down,
Through this spiralling road,
With random blips and high,
Pulled on by the end

Where have you gone,
You damn lost soul,
When your body needs you most,
You seem to have ditched it,
Wandering off on your own,
Chasing the floating stars,
Found in your dreamy world

People are rooting you on,
For a life full of luxuries,
Thinking it’s for you,
Maybe it’s just safe bet,
From letting you flounder on,
For you’ve been in free fall,
Since the turn of year,
Three years ago

This body seems so lifeless,
With no thought of its own,
The spark in its life has gone,
Making it worse than dead wood,
Come back you damn lost soul,
Pull your body back together,
You need to get back on track ,
Before it turns irreversible.

Predatory Gaze

Predatory Gaze

Blue Bloom

Blue Bloom

Rainbow of Dreams

Rainbow of Dreams

The Perfect Rainbow

A Fresh Start

A Fresh Start

Droplets on the petals.

Take Off

The Fleeing Crow

Managed to click it when it took off

Football : A small peek


   Well todays result of the Newcastle – Liverpool match is what actually urged me to think and write this post. I was just looking at the leaderboards of the three leagues that I usually keep track of. Usually don’t get time to watch matches cause I’ll be work at that time, so keep track of it through net. 


      The result of this match has left Liverpool at 8th position, a point behind Everton. But seriously 8th place for a club that once constituted the big four in recent times. The seasons drawing to a close and look at the leaderboard. At the start of the season itself , it was pretty evident that in La Liga it would either be Barcelona or Real Madrid who will win the cup. Though the gap is pretty huge now between them theres still a possibility of the tides turning. But 3rd placed Valencia is so far off , barely got over half the points of the leader. It always was pretty much between them. And in EPL , the season was pretty entertaining and about 6 teams were in contention for the league title. Now only two teams from the big four are present in the top four. The most notable is the bad start that Arsenal had , to where they have reached now. But look at the leaderboard here and now you see the Manchester Clubs at the top and 2 point sperate them from each other but they are well ahead of the third placed Arsenal. 


    What has happened to them? Liverpool seemed to be in proper shape until recently. And Serie A is pretty much the same , except for the fall in form of Inter. Juventus still is the only team thats undefeated this season in their league. And Manchester City has won all their home games in the league. Well so much for a post that shouldn’t have even been a blog post. Do leave your views.