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Quest For True Love – My Entry To The Get Published Contest

The Idea:

The story revolves around two misfortunate lovers.
Kanha, a traditional stubborn college boy studying in an Engineering College in a small town in Kerala , and Radha , a modern day social girl aspiring to be world famous actress one day living in Malaysia.

Kanha was an average student during is school life and his over confidence let him down, that now he is stuck in a college where never should have been. He has a wandering heart, that always seeks to follow anything which he finds fascinating, which makes him kind of a jack of all trades, but he never dedicates too much of himself, thus a master of none.

Radha was a happy go lucky girl, withering smiles around wherever she goes. She was the friendly and overly sweet type, one of those modern day girls you see around and when raised up abroad completes her way of relationships.

Two people, who live with two different cultures and lifestyles, what would happen if they come together? Could it yield that one common thing which both of them so desperately seek?

What makes the story real?

This is not one of those filmy love stories, nor one that happens due to immaturity as kids, but its one of those stories from the present generation, and what makes this story real is the feelings that are involved between the people, the protagonists and anyone else who may be involved.

Extract :

Kanha was walking to and fro across his room in tension. He was frequently taking a glance at the clock on the wall and at the time shown in his phone which he held firmly in his hand.
The moment he was waiting for was just a few minutes away, and he could no longer keep himself calm.
As soon the clock in his phone showed 11:58 , he made the call.
The phone was ringing, much to his delight , and someone picked it up.
A girl’s voice said, “Hello…”
Kanha replied in joy, “Happy Birthday!!!!”

This is my entry for the HarperCollins–IndiBlogger Get Published contest, which is run with inputs from Yashodhara Lal and HarperCollins India.


2012 : The End

Its unusual of me to be at home on a weekday, like all other workers, plus all the more because I rarely get holidays even while other companies give holidays to their employees. I woke up late and like usual started reading the news, from the last page, cause I usually just check out the sports pages. Since I had nothing else to do at that time, I thought I’ll just go through the other pages too, to check if there was something worth noticing. Well when I reached page 9, I was shocked, half of the page was filled with rape stories and reports. The Delhi rape incident was the beginning of the end it seems, people may have sighed in relief that the world as we know it didn’t end in 2012 as the Mayans predicted, but for me its begun to end, at least in the Indian context. With the advent of the Delhi gangrape , rape has spread out all across the country like wildfire. Adding fuel to the already blazing fire is the knowledge that the criminals aren’t even being punished for their crimes, which gives the criminals-to-be an added security that they can commit and get away with it just fine.

Too many rape cases reported every single day, the worst of the lot was one of a minor in Kerala, and then I used to think at least over here nothing of that sort happens, and then came the bouncer that went over my head. So who is safe anyway? Who is safe anywhere? I don’t know anymore. The country in going to the sewers or something like that. Not good by all means. The situation just keeps getting worser and worser.

And yeah , there no lack of protests for all these. One of those posts on Facebook showed it best, coupled with the victims friends words. People don’t give a damn about anyone except themselves. They’ll just watch you suffer thinking it ain’t their business not realising that they too could be in the same situation and none would come to their rescue either. First you ignore the ones in need, and the next day you raise banners showing your support to the victims or the dead, how is that gonna help anyone? You had the chance to help someone in distress, you chose to ignore them for you were far too self-conscious , and then you show some public support for them by lighting candles and joining protests? How hypocritical could you get? Even we the bloggers can keep blaming the people who didn’t bother to help them, and wonder how they could be so cruel as to ignore people in need, ask yourself this,would you have helped them? I doubt. I can speak for myself anyway, and I know I’ll faint when I see blood or get the smell of it, so would I dare put myself to help them? I don’t even know whats right in such a situation, if I could act and cause a stir in someone to act then I would, rather than magnify the mess by succumbing to the situation and fainting and seeking attention for myself than the rightly needful ones. How good can you be? Reflect upon yourselves, for I just got thoughts to relay out to you, so that you think before you pen down, what you believe you’ll do and what you’ll actually do, for not many actually put their words or claims into action. Shameful as it may be, but seeking attention is all that people have been good at, and those of whom have got it, very few use it for the sake of good, the rest misuse all the fame for their own rise and pleasures.

I just got a simple question, you can have two houses if one was too small and if you are building another for the future generation, but what good does it do to have more than that and that too bungalows in a world where there are people out there who don’t even have a house? Take a look at Mumbai , one side you see huge sky scraping flats and on the other you see ground hugging slums. The rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer. The cost of living is going higher by the day and I wouldn’t tell you to give your all to the poor, but then again you could give the useless stuff away to them than burning them away and throwing into the dustbin or waste bins if they are still in decent condition. For me all my stuff are important and I try to look after them as precious or even more than my own life, be it a T-shirt or a toy. I know I’ve drifted away from what I wanted to say, which even forced me to change the title of this post.

Coming back to the main topic, why is rape the trending crime? Why are more and more people getting involved in it? Murder gives you death penalty , and rape doesn’t , makes them think that I haven’t killed anyone so why should I be given a death penalty? Is that it? I would rather let the girl or victim die after this than let her live through hell after what has happened to her, how could she live a normal life after what has happened to her? Who would be so kind enough to accept her now? Would you accept her? The only thing we the spectators can do is brag, brag and brag more till it hits us in the face when we’ll be speechless too, and do the same darn thing which we bragged we wouldn’t. Open your eyes people, you ain’t as good as you think you are. Your spirits are as weak as it were before this happened and you were just shining like a moon with the light of the sun.

I don’t expect too many people to read this, or even half of this, cause I know you’d not wanna admit the cursed reality about who you really are. I can even link up with the human behaviour of late with the animal kingdom, taking into example my little kittens, two were killed by their own kinsfolk, and I mean other male cats itself, just cause they cling to their mother almost all the time. To get the lady all obstacles have been thrown apart it seems, what is happening with the unfortunate friends who accompany those poor lady souls wandering in the dark of the night. This my dear is the bitter truth. I always had wished the world had ended in 2012 ever since I had heard about it, that was due to my own personal reasons. But now seeing the state India as a country is in right now, I really wish it did, for it would’ve been far better than living in a shameless country led by shameless leaders who can do nothing but make excuses to justify the criminals for their crimes.

I’ve seen and known good people, those who really act to their will and power and do all the good stuff they can. I respect them for what they have done, for I could never have done the same or anything even close to their noble deeds, be it to humans or to animals for all of us have equal rights to this world. Hey there you random nice soul, you are one in a million out there who would do something good for this world, and I do hope someone like you could be elected representative of the people, for the people and by the people.

Everything starts from home, they say, so never neglect your own home before you do something for the others. That doesn’t mean you gotta be selfish and worry only about yourselves, try to do your own bit in improving the society if you can. At time even I doubt if I am really who I am, or what I pen down actually makes any sense at all, but penning down is all I can for these thoughts travel at the speed of will and disappear in the blink of an eye. I leave it upto you to decide who you are and what you can do for the society, with all due respect, you too are an animal, born with a little bit more sense than the rest.


Speak I want to,
Words I don’t have,
Smile I can do,
Tears I can’t have

Courage I don’t have,
The Will I do have,
Open I feel I am,
But closed I really am

To scream is all I want,
All the words stuck inside,
To cry is all I desire,
All the feelings down the drain

Give me the strength to hold on,
When the world is upside down,
Correct me when I am doing wrong,
Against the flow of law

I wanna scream,
Everything at the tip,
I wanna hear,
Everything you say so soft


Patience :
             So you know what it means, the dictionary meaning of it, well and good. But guess you don’t know its real life significance!! Well I’ll put it out here for you with a few life experiences.

Scene 1 :
            I was driving the car to work, like I do during the second half of the week. There is this branch road which I take as shortcut, and when joining back to the main road, its almost like a 120 degree turn and I need to check both sides and cut across. No one either gives way and if I try to cross they come straight at me as if they can go through or can find a magical gap somewhere. And when I stopped once in the middle of the road for an onrushing biker, the rest of the people were shouting at me, asking what are you doing? What did I do wrong? Stopping for an idiot who is not willing to let me pass? Or blocking the road for that idiot so that I don’t ram him down? If I had hit him wouldnt the same people blame me for the accident? Nobody is bothered about the rest, all are selfish and when it comes to that critical stage, everyone blames the one in the bigger vehicle even if the fault was not his/her’s.

Scene 2:
A view from the medical store.
There is a huge rush of people to buy medicines, and the number of staff on the shop to serve them is barely half. Most of them have no parience to wait, and I hear them shout “Give me my medicines, its time for my bus!!” Or “Where the hell are my medicines I’ve been here for so long” . Are you freaking kidding me? Its been barely 5 minutes and you can’t wait a bit longer? Everyone is in a rush to go home, and the time to fetch the medicines depends on the availability and the quantity and how many different medicines you need. Without realizing that you people keep shouting which only heaps more pressure on the staff. One tiny incident that happened recently, and which could always happen due to your impatience is being given the wrong medicines. There are too many medicinea that differ in spellings by a letter or so and in their strengths and uses. The side effects of a wrong medicine can be drastic. So what happened was a mistake like this, a medicine was given, the prescribed strength was 2mg and what the staff gave was 5mg. The medicine had a side effect that causes you to sleep. It was for a child, and the parent fed em the medicine and after a few doses as prescribed the child was unconscious for over a day, and if the child had a few extra doses, it would’ve even resulted in death. People should keep in mind that medicines are not childs play and they can cure you aswell as take life.If you don’t show no patience when you are buying cure, you might end up buying poison instead in your hurry.

Scene 3:
The perfect example or the one and only one place where people show patience, ie, in front of the beverages corporation. No matter how long the queue, or how long it takes, the same people who couldn’t wait a few minutes to buy a medicine could wait for hours in this unique queue. So where has this patience come out from all of a sudden? If you can be patient enough to buy alcohol which does only harm to your body, why can’t you be patient enough to buy some medicines which are to cure you? I still have no logical conclusion to this behaviour of people.

Will people ever be patient anymore? I don’t think so, as the world is getting fast paced day by day, with a race for every opportunity, who has the time for patience anyway? Think on what’s important, a few minutes or a life?

Stand Out Performance

                   “You are an awesome photographer, you should get a DSLR”, or so they said. 

Reflecting on those words, am I really that good, or any good? I do manage to click some good photos once in a while, maybe out of luck or maybe because I’ve got a pretty decent camera with me. In fact the cheapest DSLR itself would cost quite a bit, almost twice the cost of what I’ve got in hand now. And what exactly am I supposed to do with a DSLR ? 

I believe that you’ve got to be really good to even deserve to own a DSLR, coupled with a good sense of creativity and an intimate passion for photography. Anyone with cash can get one, I recollect reading somewhere, that most people buy DSLR and use it in Auto mode, what the heck? Why even own one in the first place then? You could spend a lot less and get a pretty value for money and utility compact camera for the same. 


  The most common thing you find from a person who owns a DSLR is a profile picture on Facebook posing with the camera. Anyone with a DSLR can click a good photo, but a good photographer doesn’t need a DSLR to take a quality picture, even a mobile camera with adequate specs would do, I know it well cause my friend used to click awesome pics with his  phone which as per the mega-pixel count which people commonly look at stays as low as 2MP, beat that. 

   So all I wanted to write was on a standout performance and I ended up writing about photography skills. Well even I have no clue as to what I do best, I tend to get interested in a lot of stuff and do them pretty ok-ok,  can never do anything to perfection it seems due to the lack of a strong will-power. 


   And as I’ve put on my Twitter about me, ” iCode , iClick and iWrite”, speaks a lot of the stuff I do more often than the rest of the fascinating stuff that caught my attention. Coding has become a part of life, in the form of a full time job. Clicking photos has become a hobby which is urged on at times from within. And as for writing, I know my writing standard will never match up tho the millions of bloggers out there who have been doing this for far too long, or even the basic habit of reading, which has always been a brick in the wall. Animation was one fascination that slipped right through my hands. Nevertheless I still haven’t been able to deliver a stand out performance in any of these which I love doing. 

    A deeper self analysis of the stuff I do leads me to the following conclusions:

iCode best when I’m at home lying down on bed with my laptop free of all tensions and the work environment in office.

iWrite best when I’m in pain, the feelings from within flows out in the form of any song I listen to, or that keeps ringing in my mind over and over again, and I end up rhyming it up with words that express my feelings.

And for the iClick part, its still a mystery, I used to do good with nature photography, and used to be pretty bad at human photography, but somehow that seems to have changed a little bit this past week. The trip from office led me to click photos that even struck me into awe, if I was the one who actually took those photos. I believe I’ve improved a little bit at that department now. Will post a few of them over here, my so called photo gallery blog which has turned out not to be what I wanted it to be. But there is a stand out photo in them , one special photo that takes mt breath away, people who have watched the Malayalam film “Anwar” will understand it when you see that photo. It quite resembles a leaf out of that book. 

   Sometimes I feel like a Jack of all trades, but definitely a master of none. I need to improve myself to, I can diversify, but I really do need to focus and specialize on something which will keep the fire burning inside. Hope a stand out performance can support the cause,and quite justify it. 

Honesty a curse?

So here I am sitting on the outskirts of a temple cause my mom dragged me over to give her some company. What exactly am I doing here ,I wonder.

           There have been lots of thoughts looming in my mind since yesterday to write something but I dint get the time to pen them down and so it went down the drain. Maybe I should’ve taken my HTC phone with the keypad would’ve been easier typing on a physical keypad than a touch. Then again there is still lots of time for me to be sitting here and sulk about this boredom.
             So the topic?  Honesty,  why?  Cause you know it better than anyone else what happened to you when you were honest and what is still happening to you when you are being honest.

            I am more on the honest side and have always been at the receiving end of things and personally I wish I were not so stupid to blurt out the truth like I do. Sometimes it hurts the listeners and sometimes it blows the cover some may have made trying hard.

“Think twice before you jump”  wasn’t it the proverb?  Guess I don’t even think once before I jump. A suicidal approach isn’t it? Still I can’t get to change myself and this nature of mine. Even if I am forced to lie or something it will written all over my face that I am cause I can’t lie in my senses and don’t wanna repent later on for lying so I my body language pretty much gives me away.

             What would people think when they see a boy like me sitting outside a temple that too in a town and seemingly playing with my phone instead of being on the inside while the pooja is goin on?  I wouldn’t wanna know.

      When ladies talk they exaggerate stuff twist and turnm on their own liking of the story.

…. interruption.

Lost track of what I was writing. Mom called me in to light the lamps in the temple. Though I dint wanna do it, was a pretty nice feeling lighting em up, oil dripping from my left hand after that.

Never mind I lost my cool on one incident of which I am not so sure about, but someone just dint have to lie in the temple premises after the rituals.

Its simple enough to leave this open ended so that I can write on it soon enough cause every coin has two sides and when you look at it from the other side what’s right now may seem wrong to you itself.

Being true can be pretty hideous, but then again the truth will cone out one day and that’s when you’ll face the consequences if you lie.

I slid off track and look where I ended up in this topic. Time to pull down the curtains before it turns to an even worser mess.

The end!!!

Transition : Valentines Day Special

What has happened to me?? Where is everything lost ?? Why can’t I write anymore? Where is all the time that I used to have to waste?


These are the questions that’s on my mind recently. But what use , even I have no answers to justify wat is going on. Am I confused or am I lost? I have no clue , but there just aint any time anymore. I miss typing , I miss blogging. And it so happens to be a so called promise day, well what’s with these names , as if one Valentines Day wasn’t enough. Yet people seem to be celebrating it around. Four years ago , I din’t even know what Valentine’s Day was and now there’s a week? Never celebrated a Valentine’s day , then a week.

Seriously , I din’t start writing this post to tell anything about the whole Valentine drama stuff. It suddenly popped in my mind out of nowhere and the main reason was an sms that just came in now saying about promise day. And now I am really messed up big time. I really have nothing in my mind to write out. Feeling so lost and blank. And never ever wanted to write anything here either. Just wanted to post pictures first , then posted edits and now since there is no time at all , I end up writing random stuff here and there which makes no sense. Even as i type now , I am confused as to what I should write now, to continue with this random stuff or to write what I really intended to write. But since Valentines Day is closing in will just write something random for it.

Whats with the hype for a Valentines Day really? Why do people even celebrate it? I really have no clue and I see no meaning or purpose for it either. I don’t know its history either, maybe it holds some great story of some exceptionally pure love story which can never be reproduced in this filthy world which is getting filthier by the day. You might be having a boyfriend or girlfriend , so what exactly do you plan to do this Valentines Day? Hang out and have fun? Propose your crush ? Well do what makes you happy , aint that what everyone wants to do. The problem with me right now is that I have no idea how to tell whats in my mind, cause there are two sides to every coin and both are equally important. Different people think differently, is it really selfishness , I know not. Our definition of something may not be the same for someone else, but we expect them to be thinking the same and expect them to understand everything we do without having to explain anything to them. We really do expect them to understand our actions but when they ask like “How could you do this?” , or “Why did you do this?”, and you explain to them why you did , they are not always bound to understand it. Do you really care to understand everything that people tell you? Think honestly and ask yourself , do you really try to understand everything or do you just compromise with the situation to avoid an unnecessary conflict.


What is love


I may not have any idea what Valentines day means to you. I may never understand how different people express their so called love, I even doubt if love even exists in this world anymore. The definition has far changed from what it should actually have been. If I say hat I feel to some people , then they show ignorance and arrogance and tell, the world is changed , Love is like this now and can’t be like that anymore, well do you think I don’t know that?? People are careless , they have lost their self respect and all they care about is self satisfaction. Its like , “What you think is none of my concern” . Well it should be , be well people mind their own business when they should be helping others and they peep into other peoples personal stuff when they should be minding their own business , what a world this has turned into.

Valentines Day means nothing to me , why would it, when even my birthday means nothing. Its just another day. People will say or think its because you never had a love or a partner to celebrate it with , which is why you despise Valentines day. It may be so , I have no say since I haven’t had any experience of it. Is it really that awesome to be love or is it just that initial infatuation that leads to illusions that crack with time. For all I have seen are relations that last a bit and then break apart, its so painful to see the ones you love in pain. Which always makes me think, how could they do this happen to them. What do people actually feel inside them when they say they are in love , what do they really see in being in love anyway.


My thoughts are pretty simple and stupid. I don’t know if there exists in real or not , but in my mind there exists two channels of thoughts that people may have, or something like how kings of the past used to have laws like ” Even if a 100 criminals are let off , an innocent shouldn’t be punished” and also the other way round , that ” Even if a 100 innocent are punished , a guilty shouldn’t be let go” . The best example I can show is how the FBI treats the suspects and how India treat the guilty. Difference in point of view eh? People , their ways of thought. You always want them to understand you when you never bother to understand them and times even listen to what they have to say. Next time someone tells you something, try listening to them, you might understand what the matter really is. At times small things left ignored causes huge impacts, just cause you think “It’s no big deal”. And when you think of love , both boys and girls have their own ways. They are bound to be the way they are. There are somethings which both can’t resist  , you ought to respect that. Just like you find no use in buying jewelry, cosmetics and stuff for girls they won’t understand what cars, bikes and gadgets mean to us boys. So you better learn to respect their likes and dislikes as well. Never try to hurt anyone , if you aint sure of a relationship, then never ever be in it. If you hurt someone , somewhere in your life , you will face the same punishment. Be true to yourself and to the one you love, well that’s something quite rarely seen in this world now.

I have written too much already, but missed out the real point due to some interruptions. Nevertheless putting it simple, have a Happy and Prosperous Valentines day with your loved ones. And for those who are single, enjoy every bit of it cause once you been in love, life will never be the same again, even if you break up , the scars will always be there in you. And for those who have suffered a break up , well whatever maybe the reason , let it go , a brighter future awaits. and the final conclusion , Life is a journey full of ups and downs you really can’t avoid being hurt. Just take it all in a positive way and life will be a happier experience. And to all love bees , stay in love the way you stay now and never fall out of it , for the one who loves you is just too precious to loose.

Creativity in a Line

Well don’t know what else to title this random post. Usually don’t make such posts on this blog , but since it’s pretty much different from what I post on my other blog now a days I thought I will just post this over here. Some lines that I think up by myself for my page and post around in Facebook. This idea of creating this blog post was only mainly due to one line that is so darn true and I expect people to accept it and share it, but well I just want to cherish the memory that I created it now, maybe someone somewhere may already have told it, but it came in my mind out of nowhere when I was randomly thinking stuff. So this post is set apart for one liners that I post around. Hope you like it.

This is the special line that made me create this post :
” ♥ The moment you BFF becomes your BF , forever is lost literally ♥ ”

How many of you agree with that? Ain’t that what generally happens to all of us?

I have always wanted my best friend to be my love but unfortunately it never will happen. A proposal spoils the relation , seen it happen quite a lot of times. Once you are proposed, you have only two choices , accept or reject, sooner or late. Both will kill the relation , what it used to be. Atleast thats how I experienced it. Once they used to be so close , but now they are like nothing, in fact , the truth is that they treat you like nothing. Don’t wanna write more about that here anyway. Now let me find some more one liners to post over here and will either try to keep this updated or create a new one later.

♥ Now I’ll just pretend I don’t care , since you don’t care anyway ♥

♥ The day i realize that I have to move on , you no longer will have a place in my life ♥

♥ the thoughts of what we have lost haunt us for the rest of our lives, especially the ones who cared ♥

♥ You din’t mind when I was with you, why would you when I’m totally gone ♥

♥ its sad when you fail to realize there was someone who was all yours , but you let go , searching for the same person ♥

♥ loneliness was never “being alone without friends” , its feeling completely lonely and unable to express yourself even when you are surrounded by a lot of people you know ♥