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Moon : A haiku



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Have you ever wished to do,

Something for others,

Have you had this kind thought,

I wish I could help him,

But you never do it,

Instead you wish someone else do it for you?

Hypocrite, hypocrite,

What a big hypocrite you are


You see the aged standing in buses,

Knowing that you should let them sit instead of you,

But deep down inside you are confused,

Whether to loose your seat or be kind,

And then you wish deeply from your heart,

That someone else gives em a seat,

Cursing and dissing them if nobody does,

Hypocrite, hypocrite,

What a big hypocrite you are


You see a blind man walk by,

You wish you could help,

But you never do,

You’d think maybe if he was going the same way,

Maybe I would’ve helped him,

Not like you’ll go out of your way,

To help someone when you don’t have time for it,

And as always hope,

Hope someone else helps him get there,

Hypocrite, hypocrite,

What a big hypocrite you are.

Just like you

I was born a baby,
Full of little pranks,
Doing random stuff,
To be the star on spotlight,
Just like you

When I grew up,
I was sent to pre-school,
Teachers taught me something,
From alphabets to numbers,
Just like you

Further down the lane,
I was still the boy,
Running through the corridors,
Hopping over benches,
Slinging little pebbles,
Just like you

Then came the big break,
And I got shifted,
All the ties broken,
In an alien environment,
I was left begging,
To end this hostility

Years kept on rolling,
Time flew by,
I had lost some senses,
But I accustomized,
For I just adapted,
To my surroundings,
Just like you

People who would see me,
Would never recognize me,
But that never bothered me,
Cause neither did I,
Somewhere along the shady path,
I lost my sociability

I’ll never get to know,
How I would’ve turned out,
If things weren’t this rough

I ain’t blaming you,
Neither any of you,
For how I turned out,
There’s either me to blame,
Or dump it all on fate,
Just like you

Fast forward to life now,
Skipping some important bits,
I find myself,
Somewhere in between phases,
The lost and the loosing self

I could be happy,
I could be sad,
I could look around,
See a better life,
Or a more complex one,
Just like you

The choice is always yours,
Do what you want to,
If it goes smooth,
All be well,
If it doesn’t go well,
I’ll just blame fate,
Just like you.

A friend by your side

Was it just yesterday,
That you saw somebody,
Bringing out the spirits in em,
Reacting to a gleam of light,
Who was it that you saw,
The face left unclear,
Were it a saviour,
Or just another so called friend

When was the last time,
That you could cry out loud,
When is it possible,
To cry it all out,
With no barriers,
Nor no questions,
That would force you stop,
Spilling blood halfway through

So who do you think you are,
Coming out holding hands,
Pretending to walk by side,
Promising to let em lean,
Wiping off all your tears,
When you were falling down

So who do you think you are,
Leaving you all alone,
Clutching your feelings tight,
Never leaking out again,
To anyone around you,
Leaving so scent of pain,
That anyone could sniff right out

Though you are still breathing,
Why does it feel like you’re not alive,
Moving no step ahead,
Falling into despair,
Being who you are not,
Hugging yourself in the dark,
Walking on the empty track,
Nobody smiles or waves,
Nobody sees you walk

Look at how time flew,
The digit of the year starts with two,
How long has it been,
That you’ve had a friend by your side,
To truly be yourself,
To cry out your soul,
With no fear looming within,
That you will not be let go off,
Leaving you all alone,
Taking you where you belong.

Nothing but a smile

Feels like just yesterday,
Nothing seemed so wrong with me,
I used to be so calm,
I used to smile a lot,
You were all a part of me,
I used to feel the warmth,
I used to have some faith

But I was wrong,
Now I can’t feel,
Nor I can breathe,
I’m barely hanging on

Here I am,
Once again,
Thrown into pieces,
Used again,
Ditched again,
Can’t move on any longer

I trusted everyone,
Opened up secrets within,
You used to be so kind,
You used to hear it out,
But whoever knew your mind,
What ever was going inside

You just tore apart,
Out in plain daylight,
The life you had,
In the cusp of your hand

Now I can’t breath,
Nor I can scream,
For you’ve squeezed,
The very essence of life

Now all that’s left of me,
Is just what I pretend to be,
Glued together,
The broken pieces of my life

Now I can’t speak,
Nor I will speak,
But I still walk,
To the end of time,
To see this through,
With nothing but a smile

Words thrown about

Then I wanna write,
Them words I see,
Through clouds and mist,
Unclear as a glimpse,
Those starry nights,
Long gone

I seek a pen,
Only to find none,
Alas I find out,
They are no more,
For slates have reborn,
Powered by cells,
Wiping aside this breed,
This immortal sect

Spellbound once again,
Trying to put together,
Jigsaw pieces in haste,
Ending up with total waste,
Where have you gone,
Leaving behind,
Just a shell,
Thoughtless and numb

Words I throw,
Hither n tither,
Hoping they’ll fall together,
Produce a masterpiece,
That’ll leave ya astound,
Longing for miracles more,
That forever be undelivered

Love Story

Boy meets girl,
Starts flirting right away,
Girl sees hope,
Responds in same way,
But neither thought,
She would fall in love

The boy and girl,
Are so in love right now,
Time had passed,
They still held the love,
Enter a boy and girl,
Into this fray

Now boy doubts girl,
So does the girl,
Where’s this love,
That glued em till then,
Where’s this trust,
That should’ve existed

But boy doubts girl,
For he wasn’t innocent,
The girl doubts too,
Cause she was just the same,
What they did,
Was just for their own fun

Both failed to realise,
They loved each other,
After all they’ve been through,
They still failed to see,
The most important part,
That love outweighs,
All their flaws

All the pain,
Have split them apart,
Both unwilling to take,
Just one more chance,
For they know,
Another let down,
Will leave em,
Broken hearted for life.



Here I am,
In God’s own country,
The gusty winds blow,
Accompanying the heat,
The distant cawing,
And the tin foils creaking,
The sky gazes upon,
Sharing his sympathy

Why am I here,
Out in this wild,
When all I ever did,
Was sit locked inside,
With eyes glued so tight,
On the monitor in front

Weren’t my day,
Supposed to end,
With all of its time,
Spent well online,
But why am I here,
Leaving em there,
Sitting outside,
Lost in nature

I took out my phone,
And started to swipe,
This side and that,
To put out some words,
Which when read,
Makes up no sense,
But that ain’t no reason,
To stop reading a swipe,
The truth be told,
Nothing makes sense.

Oh Heart


A poem is what I set out to write,
But the words ain’t coming out so right,
And I sit down to think,
What I should now pen,
Hey what’s weighing you heart,
That burdens you so hard,
Please do take your time,
To share it with me

Why, do you cry out so loud,
Yet still go unheard,
Why, can’t you see what’s right,
And just point to it,
But you disown me then,
Leaving me jinxed

Oh heart, why do you fall,
In this pit known as love,
Though you know that,
There’s no coming back,
Oh heart, what do I do,
When someone waits,
Just for your love,
That you can never give



He was waking down the path,
Heading nowhere in the dark,
Just moving forward in circles,
In this pitch black world,
Where he was left behind,
Misled by someone promising,
To take him to heaven

There was a boy,
Who wasn’t particularly good,
At anything in the world,
He was a kid by nature,
Chasing the wonders of the world,
And what could be more amazing,
Than the phenomenon called love

He set up his goal,
And that the quest to find love,
He had no clue then,
To what lay in his path,
Nor could be tackle them,
And get past them scratchless

Then he found the one,
The one meant to be his,
When the magic of the words,
He had been longing to hear,
Reached out to him open armed,
He grabbed on in a hurry,
He was lost in dreams,
The ones he’d never dreamed,
Would ever come true,
But now he was there

She promised that,
She’ll never leave him,
No matter what forces,
Were thrown to split them,
The faith was put on her words,
As she led him on this path,
This truly beautiful path,
That even heaven shall be rivaled,
Happiness was all around

But as all stories go,
Nothing ever lasts too long,
Not happiness of all things,
The balance had to be kept in check,
And so it happened out of the blue,
The promises were broken,
Without a moments hesitation,
She chose to set out,
On new adventures of the world,
Leaving him behind,
In his hallucinated heaven,
The images were fading fast,
The colors of life were vanishing,
The dark of the black was creeping in,
Eating up the images of heaven

His world was collapsing,
He didn’t know what happened,
He couldn’t even see,
The world around him crumbling,
He was too broken to feel anything,
Benumbed by this pain inside,
Dying along with the world of his,
His eternal dream had now come,
To its fateful end