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Festival of Lights


Trikarthika Festival


Growing old


How do I begin,
Where do I begin,
The influx of thoughts,
Mix every little feeling

There is no truth,
There is no lie,
Whatever you feel,
Is just a dream

How old you’re,
How young you’re,
Somethings won’t change,
Whatever you do,
Over of them being,
Time never waits,
Whoever you are

You were a kid once,
Maybe you’ve grown,
You’d wish to think,
That age makes you old,
It’s just a number,
Fancied with name,
Anniversaries and birthdays,
To just name a few

You’re a child,
And that you’ll forever be,
At least in sense,
Parents choose to view

Are we so stupid,
Are we so clumsy,
Why do we fear,
To just be ourself

Why can’t you just show your true self,
Are you ashamed,
That people might mock,
Or is it just that,
You’d rather fit in,
Trying to cope,
With whatever thrown at your face

Whatever I write,
Still doesn’t come close,
To whatever I wrote,
Being so much so young,
That I wish to think

Have I grown old,
Or have I grown young,
Time chooses old,
But I bet it’s wrong,
Cause I’m not as wise,
To be considered that old

Age is a number,
That comes with responsibility,
But I don’t think I’ve changed,
Either in looks or in my judgement

Waiting for the Moment

Wating for the Moment

Waiting for the Moment

Well made this cover for my friend, well din’t have much of a clue as to what I should make for her. She saw my cover and demanded a cover stylish enough I guess. But this rather seems to have turned out to be a disaster. Well I so so suck at creating stuff for others cause I try to think as them the way I think they think , ah so confusing it is. Thus ended up creating this , trying to convey a confused girl in love , but I guess it left the wrong idea for her.

When the Snow Falls

Winter Break

When the Snow Falls

Well made this image as a cover for the Timeline view in Facebook recently. What more can I say, the picture speaks for itself I hope. The snowy effect, the boy, the girl waiting for the message from her beloved and the bird that brings in the message.

First Edit

Dr Jackal

first dp edit for facebook

This here was the first edit I made to use for my Facebook account. Well its pretty much a simple edit thou. Still the black and white feel makes it look special for me. The darkness lost within and a life in Black and White. With no idea what is really pleasing in the world. So much hatred towards the world and the people living in it.
And the image caption, you know only my name , but you assume so much without even knowing me. After all whats in a name anyway. I chose to be who I am , or rather some situations made me choose to be what I am now. Having regrets now wouldn’t even make a difference, but I guess I have none.

Still wondering why I made this blog , and what I was intending to write , if I were just planning on posting images here. Ah random stuff I guess. Better just post images than any explanation , right people? If any one reads this that is.