I start typing,
Thinking it’ll go big,
With visions on future,
Supported by baseless assumptions,
Not a day goes by,
Where I forget to dream,
Of the things unthinkable,
And probably the ones impossible

But hey, who cares about that,
If you don’t dream,
You won’t even try,
And you’ll be just a bot ,
Following the protocol,
Doing things you don’t want to,
Just for a living,
That’s not actually living,
But barely just surviving

Then there are people,
Who might wish for your best,
But it seems otherwise,
For they just stand in your way,
The path to your glory,
Or another failure

The stakes have been raised,
For time has flown by,
You couldn’t make it,
For lack of conviction,
Or reasons unknown,
But what does it reflect,
A bird with no wings,
Not cause its absent,
But just they’re useless,
The bird can’t take the leap,
As faith has left it,
Dreamless and hopeless


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