The Climb


As the day goes by,
The weight goes high,
The limits are set above,
The bar raised up,
Every little fall,
To harden the climb

You set out strong,
Even though you so meek,
The confidence inside,
Brimming so bright,
Enough to lift you up,
Even with free flow

Then you slip,
Take a misstep,
Fall down eternal,
Drown in the pit,
Devoid of spirit,
Deprived of hope

You miss the light,
And you’ll never make it,
You catch a glimpse,
It fills you again,
Enough to thrust up,
Reach the surface

Time to climb again,
Time to force through,
It’s your one true path,
Only you can cross it,
Fall again or not,
That’s where it lies,
Your final destination.


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