My Bestie


What’s a bestie to you?
What’s a friend to you?
What’s a person to you?

At times I’ve no answer,
At times I’m all alone,
At times I feel,
It’s me against the world

When you’re lost and your scared,
What do you do,
Who do you talk to?

When you know the truth,
When you can’t trust anyone,
When people let you down

There’s no such thing as perfect,
It’s nothing more than a myth,
Unless you live in an ideal world,
Don’t expect perfection

The closest you get,
Is a bestie,
Won’t be perfect,
Neither should you expect,
Cause we are all humans,
Purely advanced monkeys,
Doing random stuff,
Sometimes by will,
Sometimes by intuition

If you’ve one,
Ain’t you lucky already,
To have someone,
Who knows the weirdo in you,
Who accepts you,
Just the way you’re,
No matter how dumb,
No matter how silly,
To share the best of you,
N the worst of you

The one person you’ll probably,
Not want to lose at all costs,
Though it changes from person to person,
But at least it’ll be for some

This is for my bestie,
My love,
My everything,
My very own dum teddy,
One little shining light,
In this eternal darkness,
Giving a lil ray of hope,
A reason to just see it out,
At least till happiness for em


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