Lost the skills,
Lost the edge,
Been so weak,
Been so meek,
Your life is going down,
Through this spiralling road,
With random blips and high,
Pulled on by the end

Where have you gone,
You damn lost soul,
When your body needs you most,
You seem to have ditched it,
Wandering off on your own,
Chasing the floating stars,
Found in your dreamy world

People are rooting you on,
For a life full of luxuries,
Thinking it’s for you,
Maybe it’s just safe bet,
From letting you flounder on,
For you’ve been in free fall,
Since the turn of year,
Three years ago

This body seems so lifeless,
With no thought of its own,
The spark in its life has gone,
Making it worse than dead wood,
Come back you damn lost soul,
Pull your body back together,
You need to get back on track ,
Before it turns irreversible.


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