Flip book

I sat flipping through the pages,
Those were engraved in thin air,
To stumble upon some pictures,
That tears came rolling down fast,
There were moments that’s priceless,
That could never be relived,
That I came by while digging deep through my mind

I found your name down there,
Etched in stones so precious,
That left my eyes blinding,
By the Supreme aura it commands,
Taking me into another world,
Which was all about you

The dreams shared by us,
Flipping by like pages,
The images of life,
Framed into polaroids,
A life full of love,
Bound by promises,
That seemed so strong,
To be split apart by any force

Why did you come into my life,
When life itself left me behind,
Why did you have to pick me out,
When I was trying to forget love,
You had everything you could wish,
Then why did it have to be me

The pages of the book shows more,
Than what I bothered to see,
The cries and tries of my ones,
That tried to save me from this fantasy,
Which was too strong to resist,
Cause it all seemed too real,
And worth risking everything for

Was I dumb to ignore,
The words of my friends,
I still don’t know,
For what didn’t kill me,
Only made me bolder,
And just made me wiser

You were there only yesterday,
And now you’re gone,
In search of what,
I still can’t understand,
For this is the end,
as I’ve turned over,
The last page,
Of this flipbook.

P.S : I’m sorry, I had ended up publishing this before when it was left halfway,thinking it would naturally get saved as a draft.


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