Undesired Trait

Look at the stars,
Look how they smile at you,
Look at your hands,
Look how they yearn for them,
They were all too far,
To grasp in your palms

Look at the skies,
Look how it covers for you,
Look at your deeds,
Look how you’ve left em undone,
They were all yours,
To do on your own

Look at the mirror,
Look how it shows through you,
You were so full of ideas,
But you never saw them through

Now you are screaming out,
Cause you are unfinished,
Now you are crying out,
Wishing you had done them though
Ain’t it too late now,
For you to repent now,
For the time that you’ve lost,
Ain’t never coming back

Look at the code,
Look how it runs so well,
You were better than that,
When you were just yourself,
Now you can’t do just half,
Of what seemed too simple

Look at the pics,
Look how well they’re done,
You could’ve done the same,
If you kept pursuing,
But you dropped off at half,
Cause you felt its not for you

Why do I have,
This trait I don’t desire,
Why can’t I change,
Myself from falling out,
While at the half way point,
Doing my job


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