Speak I want to,
Words I don’t have,
Smile I can do,
Tears I can’t have

Courage I don’t have,
The Will I do have,
Open I feel I am,
But closed I really am

To scream is all I want,
All the words stuck inside,
To cry is all I desire,
All the feelings down the drain

Give me the strength to hold on,
When the world is upside down,
Correct me when I am doing wrong,
Against the flow of law

I wanna scream,
Everything at the tip,
I wanna hear,
Everything you say so soft


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  1. “Scream Xtinct Art” ended up being a delightful blog
    post, can’t wait to look over more of your postings.
    Time to squander numerous time online lolz. Thanks for
    your time -Kaylene

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