Patience :
             So you know what it means, the dictionary meaning of it, well and good. But guess you don’t know its real life significance!! Well I’ll put it out here for you with a few life experiences.

Scene 1 :
            I was driving the car to work, like I do during the second half of the week. There is this branch road which I take as shortcut, and when joining back to the main road, its almost like a 120 degree turn and I need to check both sides and cut across. No one either gives way and if I try to cross they come straight at me as if they can go through or can find a magical gap somewhere. And when I stopped once in the middle of the road for an onrushing biker, the rest of the people were shouting at me, asking what are you doing? What did I do wrong? Stopping for an idiot who is not willing to let me pass? Or blocking the road for that idiot so that I don’t ram him down? If I had hit him wouldnt the same people blame me for the accident? Nobody is bothered about the rest, all are selfish and when it comes to that critical stage, everyone blames the one in the bigger vehicle even if the fault was not his/her’s.

Scene 2:
A view from the medical store.
There is a huge rush of people to buy medicines, and the number of staff on the shop to serve them is barely half. Most of them have no parience to wait, and I hear them shout “Give me my medicines, its time for my bus!!” Or “Where the hell are my medicines I’ve been here for so long” . Are you freaking kidding me? Its been barely 5 minutes and you can’t wait a bit longer? Everyone is in a rush to go home, and the time to fetch the medicines depends on the availability and the quantity and how many different medicines you need. Without realizing that you people keep shouting which only heaps more pressure on the staff. One tiny incident that happened recently, and which could always happen due to your impatience is being given the wrong medicines. There are too many medicinea that differ in spellings by a letter or so and in their strengths and uses. The side effects of a wrong medicine can be drastic. So what happened was a mistake like this, a medicine was given, the prescribed strength was 2mg and what the staff gave was 5mg. The medicine had a side effect that causes you to sleep. It was for a child, and the parent fed em the medicine and after a few doses as prescribed the child was unconscious for over a day, and if the child had a few extra doses, it would’ve even resulted in death. People should keep in mind that medicines are not childs play and they can cure you aswell as take life.If you don’t show no patience when you are buying cure, you might end up buying poison instead in your hurry.

Scene 3:
The perfect example or the one and only one place where people show patience, ie, in front of the beverages corporation. No matter how long the queue, or how long it takes, the same people who couldn’t wait a few minutes to buy a medicine could wait for hours in this unique queue. So where has this patience come out from all of a sudden? If you can be patient enough to buy alcohol which does only harm to your body, why can’t you be patient enough to buy some medicines which are to cure you? I still have no logical conclusion to this behaviour of people.

Will people ever be patient anymore? I don’t think so, as the world is getting fast paced day by day, with a race for every opportunity, who has the time for patience anyway? Think on what’s important, a few minutes or a life?


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