Stand Out Performance

                   “You are an awesome photographer, you should get a DSLR”, or so they said. 

Reflecting on those words, am I really that good, or any good? I do manage to click some good photos once in a while, maybe out of luck or maybe because I’ve got a pretty decent camera with me. In fact the cheapest DSLR itself would cost quite a bit, almost twice the cost of what I’ve got in hand now. And what exactly am I supposed to do with a DSLR ? 

I believe that you’ve got to be really good to even deserve to own a DSLR, coupled with a good sense of creativity and an intimate passion for photography. Anyone with cash can get one, I recollect reading somewhere, that most people buy DSLR and use it in Auto mode, what the heck? Why even own one in the first place then? You could spend a lot less and get a pretty value for money and utility compact camera for the same. 


  The most common thing you find from a person who owns a DSLR is a profile picture on Facebook posing with the camera. Anyone with a DSLR can click a good photo, but a good photographer doesn’t need a DSLR to take a quality picture, even a mobile camera with adequate specs would do, I know it well cause my friend used to click awesome pics with his  phone which as per the mega-pixel count which people commonly look at stays as low as 2MP, beat that. 

   So all I wanted to write was on a standout performance and I ended up writing about photography skills. Well even I have no clue as to what I do best, I tend to get interested in a lot of stuff and do them pretty ok-ok,  can never do anything to perfection it seems due to the lack of a strong will-power. 


   And as I’ve put on my Twitter about me, ” iCode , iClick and iWrite”, speaks a lot of the stuff I do more often than the rest of the fascinating stuff that caught my attention. Coding has become a part of life, in the form of a full time job. Clicking photos has become a hobby which is urged on at times from within. And as for writing, I know my writing standard will never match up tho the millions of bloggers out there who have been doing this for far too long, or even the basic habit of reading, which has always been a brick in the wall. Animation was one fascination that slipped right through my hands. Nevertheless I still haven’t been able to deliver a stand out performance in any of these which I love doing. 

    A deeper self analysis of the stuff I do leads me to the following conclusions:

iCode best when I’m at home lying down on bed with my laptop free of all tensions and the work environment in office.

iWrite best when I’m in pain, the feelings from within flows out in the form of any song I listen to, or that keeps ringing in my mind over and over again, and I end up rhyming it up with words that express my feelings.

And for the iClick part, its still a mystery, I used to do good with nature photography, and used to be pretty bad at human photography, but somehow that seems to have changed a little bit this past week. The trip from office led me to click photos that even struck me into awe, if I was the one who actually took those photos. I believe I’ve improved a little bit at that department now. Will post a few of them over here, my so called photo gallery blog which has turned out not to be what I wanted it to be. But there is a stand out photo in them , one special photo that takes mt breath away, people who have watched the Malayalam film “Anwar” will understand it when you see that photo. It quite resembles a leaf out of that book. 

   Sometimes I feel like a Jack of all trades, but definitely a master of none. I need to improve myself to, I can diversify, but I really do need to focus and specialize on something which will keep the fire burning inside. Hope a stand out performance can support the cause,and quite justify it. 


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  1. You can do them automatically but it frequently changes what they look like.I have only done it on a few ‘troublesome’ photos that actually NEED Lr4 to look their best.

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