Honesty a curse?

So here I am sitting on the outskirts of a temple cause my mom dragged me over to give her some company. What exactly am I doing here ,I wonder.

           There have been lots of thoughts looming in my mind since yesterday to write something but I dint get the time to pen them down and so it went down the drain. Maybe I should’ve taken my HTC phone with the keypad would’ve been easier typing on a physical keypad than a touch. Then again there is still lots of time for me to be sitting here and sulk about this boredom.
             So the topic?  Honesty,  why?  Cause you know it better than anyone else what happened to you when you were honest and what is still happening to you when you are being honest.

            I am more on the honest side and have always been at the receiving end of things and personally I wish I were not so stupid to blurt out the truth like I do. Sometimes it hurts the listeners and sometimes it blows the cover some may have made trying hard.

“Think twice before you jump”  wasn’t it the proverb?  Guess I don’t even think once before I jump. A suicidal approach isn’t it? Still I can’t get to change myself and this nature of mine. Even if I am forced to lie or something it will written all over my face that I am cause I can’t lie in my senses and don’t wanna repent later on for lying so I my body language pretty much gives me away.

             What would people think when they see a boy like me sitting outside a temple that too in a town and seemingly playing with my phone instead of being on the inside while the pooja is goin on?  I wouldn’t wanna know.

      When ladies talk they exaggerate stuff twist and turnm on their own liking of the story.

…. interruption.

Lost track of what I was writing. Mom called me in to light the lamps in the temple. Though I dint wanna do it, was a pretty nice feeling lighting em up, oil dripping from my left hand after that.

Never mind I lost my cool on one incident of which I am not so sure about, but someone just dint have to lie in the temple premises after the rituals.

Its simple enough to leave this open ended so that I can write on it soon enough cause every coin has two sides and when you look at it from the other side what’s right now may seem wrong to you itself.

Being true can be pretty hideous, but then again the truth will cone out one day and that’s when you’ll face the consequences if you lie.

I slid off track and look where I ended up in this topic. Time to pull down the curtains before it turns to an even worser mess.

The end!!!


Posted on December 22, 2012, in Random. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Read “The Hiram Key” which may encourage your entrance or inhibit it. For me, the thought of a man “raising me from the dead” in a temple without windows wreaks of self-righteous pageantry. IT’s odd that an alleged “solar cult” prevents Sol’s entrance into their temples…only the light of “man” illuminates them…the intellect.

  2. wish I had this reading habit 🙂

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