Transition : Valentines Day Special

What has happened to me?? Where is everything lost ?? Why can’t I write anymore? Where is all the time that I used to have to waste?


These are the questions that’s on my mind recently. But what use , even I have no answers to justify wat is going on. Am I confused or am I lost? I have no clue , but there just aint any time anymore. I miss typing , I miss blogging. And it so happens to be a so called promise day, well what’s with these names , as if one Valentines Day wasn’t enough. Yet people seem to be celebrating it around. Four years ago , I din’t even know what Valentine’s Day was and now there’s a week? Never celebrated a Valentine’s day , then a week.

Seriously , I din’t start writing this post to tell anything about the whole Valentine drama stuff. It suddenly popped in my mind out of nowhere and the main reason was an sms that just came in now saying about promise day. And now I am really messed up big time. I really have nothing in my mind to write out. Feeling so lost and blank. And never ever wanted to write anything here either. Just wanted to post pictures first , then posted edits and now since there is no time at all , I end up writing random stuff here and there which makes no sense. Even as i type now , I am confused as to what I should write now, to continue with this random stuff or to write what I really intended to write. But since Valentines Day is closing in will just write something random for it.

Whats with the hype for a Valentines Day really? Why do people even celebrate it? I really have no clue and I see no meaning or purpose for it either. I don’t know its history either, maybe it holds some great story of some exceptionally pure love story which can never be reproduced in this filthy world which is getting filthier by the day. You might be having a boyfriend or girlfriend , so what exactly do you plan to do this Valentines Day? Hang out and have fun? Propose your crush ? Well do what makes you happy , aint that what everyone wants to do. The problem with me right now is that I have no idea how to tell whats in my mind, cause there are two sides to every coin and both are equally important. Different people think differently, is it really selfishness , I know not. Our definition of something may not be the same for someone else, but we expect them to be thinking the same and expect them to understand everything we do without having to explain anything to them. We really do expect them to understand our actions but when they ask like “How could you do this?” , or “Why did you do this?”, and you explain to them why you did , they are not always bound to understand it. Do you really care to understand everything that people tell you? Think honestly and ask yourself , do you really try to understand everything or do you just compromise with the situation to avoid an unnecessary conflict.


What is love


I may not have any idea what Valentines day means to you. I may never understand how different people express their so called love, I even doubt if love even exists in this world anymore. The definition has far changed from what it should actually have been. If I say hat I feel to some people , then they show ignorance and arrogance and tell, the world is changed , Love is like this now and can’t be like that anymore, well do you think I don’t know that?? People are careless , they have lost their self respect and all they care about is self satisfaction. Its like , “What you think is none of my concern” . Well it should be , be well people mind their own business when they should be helping others and they peep into other peoples personal stuff when they should be minding their own business , what a world this has turned into.

Valentines Day means nothing to me , why would it, when even my birthday means nothing. Its just another day. People will say or think its because you never had a love or a partner to celebrate it with , which is why you despise Valentines day. It may be so , I have no say since I haven’t had any experience of it. Is it really that awesome to be love or is it just that initial infatuation that leads to illusions that crack with time. For all I have seen are relations that last a bit and then break apart, its so painful to see the ones you love in pain. Which always makes me think, how could they do this happen to them. What do people actually feel inside them when they say they are in love , what do they really see in being in love anyway.


My thoughts are pretty simple and stupid. I don’t know if there exists in real or not , but in my mind there exists two channels of thoughts that people may have, or something like how kings of the past used to have laws like ” Even if a 100 criminals are let off , an innocent shouldn’t be punished” and also the other way round , that ” Even if a 100 innocent are punished , a guilty shouldn’t be let go” . The best example I can show is how the FBI treats the suspects and how India treat the guilty. Difference in point of view eh? People , their ways of thought. You always want them to understand you when you never bother to understand them and times even listen to what they have to say. Next time someone tells you something, try listening to them, you might understand what the matter really is. At times small things left ignored causes huge impacts, just cause you think “It’s no big deal”. And when you think of love , both boys and girls have their own ways. They are bound to be the way they are. There are somethings which both can’t resist  , you ought to respect that. Just like you find no use in buying jewelry, cosmetics and stuff for girls they won’t understand what cars, bikes and gadgets mean to us boys. So you better learn to respect their likes and dislikes as well. Never try to hurt anyone , if you aint sure of a relationship, then never ever be in it. If you hurt someone , somewhere in your life , you will face the same punishment. Be true to yourself and to the one you love, well that’s something quite rarely seen in this world now.

I have written too much already, but missed out the real point due to some interruptions. Nevertheless putting it simple, have a Happy and Prosperous Valentines day with your loved ones. And for those who are single, enjoy every bit of it cause once you been in love, life will never be the same again, even if you break up , the scars will always be there in you. And for those who have suffered a break up , well whatever maybe the reason , let it go , a brighter future awaits. and the final conclusion , Life is a journey full of ups and downs you really can’t avoid being hurt. Just take it all in a positive way and life will be a happier experience. And to all love bees , stay in love the way you stay now and never fall out of it , for the one who loves you is just too precious to loose.


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