Creativity in a Line

Well don’t know what else to title this random post. Usually don’t make such posts on this blog , but since it’s pretty much different from what I post on my other blog now a days I thought I will just post this over here. Some lines that I think up by myself for my page and post around in Facebook. This idea of creating this blog post was only mainly due to one line that is so darn true and I expect people to accept it and share it, but well I just want to cherish the memory that I created it now, maybe someone somewhere may already have told it, but it came in my mind out of nowhere when I was randomly thinking stuff. So this post is set apart for one liners that I post around. Hope you like it.

This is the special line that made me create this post :
” ♥ The moment you BFF becomes your BF , forever is lost literally ♥ ”

How many of you agree with that? Ain’t that what generally happens to all of us?

I have always wanted my best friend to be my love but unfortunately it never will happen. A proposal spoils the relation , seen it happen quite a lot of times. Once you are proposed, you have only two choices , accept or reject, sooner or late. Both will kill the relation , what it used to be. Atleast thats how I experienced it. Once they used to be so close , but now they are like nothing, in fact , the truth is that they treat you like nothing. Don’t wanna write more about that here anyway. Now let me find some more one liners to post over here and will either try to keep this updated or create a new one later.

♥ Now I’ll just pretend I don’t care , since you don’t care anyway ♥

♥ The day i realize that I have to move on , you no longer will have a place in my life ♥

♥ the thoughts of what we have lost haunt us for the rest of our lives, especially the ones who cared ♥

♥ You din’t mind when I was with you, why would you when I’m totally gone ♥

♥ its sad when you fail to realize there was someone who was all yours , but you let go , searching for the same person ♥

♥ loneliness was never “being alone without friends” , its feeling completely lonely and unable to express yourself even when you are surrounded by a lot of people you know ♥


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